Are you looking to get online?

Having an online presence is a must in this day and age. People are spending more and more time online and there is an expectation that every business must have a website now.

People are now increasingly browsing the web on mobile, so websites need to be usable across all sizes and types of device. Attention to detail is vital to ensure that all menus, images and other components of a website come together to display your website perfectly, regardless of the device used to access it.

An eCommerce website can be a great way for existing business owners to bring in extra income. With the most recent Pandemic, people are spending more and more time online shopping. By not having your shop online, you could be missing out on a very important market share. 



Social Media Marketing allows companies to interact with their customers  in a way that would never have been before possible. 

We can set up a wide range of social media accounts for your business and then link them with your website.Your business doesn’t have to appear on every social media channel, some will be appropriate for your business but others will not.We can help you select, style and perfect your social media strategy for both paid and non paid campaigns. It’s all about clarity and consistency.

We are also available to create posts for your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts and can come up with a weekly, fortnightly or monthly plan, depending on your needs and budget. We can also manage and maintain social media accounts and run competitions or PPC campaigns with you to help increase your following.

Regularly updated social media accounts can introduce your business to a whole new audience. As well as providing new customers, successful social media accounts can provide added benefit to a company’s SEO through extra legitimacy, links and reach.



We offer a wide range of digital marketing services, to help you get your message across to your client in the most direct and cost effective way.



  • Email Advertising
    • Email marketing is a highly cost-effective way of sending communications. It is quick, offers highly measurable results and is easily personalised. You can use email to keep in touch with your client base, build relationships and promote services or offers.We can help you create and build up a list of email addresses that are GDPR compliant. Once supplied with content, we will draft a regular email, to go direct to your potential or existing customers inbox.
  • SEO
    • Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by getting a high ranking in search engine results. In other words, we ensure your website can be found through words and phrases that are relevant to your business.

  • PPC
    • PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising can be an effective method of promoting your business. Based on your products and/or services, demographic, budget etc, we can create a PPC plan for you. Using Facebook, you can set up campaigns that will cost as little as €1 per day and can be a great way to test an ad, in order to create one that really works for you.